Monitor your environment from your smartphone

Tempo Smart Monitor with iPhone

Tempo continuously monitors and logs temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and wirelessly transmits the data to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth Smart technology.When you are not in range, Tempo will log and timestamp the data for you to download when you are next in range.

Tempo Smart Monitor comes with iBeacon functionality included iBeacon functionality included

Tempo is completely wireless and doesn't require cables, charging, wifi or a separate hub device.

Tempo has a number of powerful features

Tour of the iOS and Android Apps

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A detailed guide on the application can be found here: Application Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many users can connect to a Tempo?

A. There is no limited to the users that can read data from a Tempo providing they have the Tempo app

Q. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

A. Yes, please contact for bulk purchasing options

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a no quibble 6 month warranty. Just contact to return your device.

Q. How accurate are the sensors?

A. The factory calibration is:
Temperature +/- 0.3 C @ 25C
Humidity +/- 5% RH @55%RH
Pressure +/- 2 hPa @ 25C

Q. What if I still need more help?

A. Please send your request to our support team, who will be happy to assist you further. Send E-mail to