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The environment affects us in so many ways, from how we feel through to how productive we are. The things we care about are also affected by the environment, from pets through to collectables.  In the commercial world many products are legally required to have their temperature monitored and recorded even before considering the expense and loss of reputation that products spoiled by incorrect storage conditions cause.

Perfect for a range of use cases

We have designed Tempo to be the ultimate environment monitor that combines a range of powerful features with cool aesthetics that means it looks good inside as well as out - on a coffee table or in the garden - in a factory or in a vivarium. It is robust so it can be used in industrial and commercial applications. Powered by 2xAA batteries that are easily replaceable, Tempo is wireless making it easy to use and deploy. Simply turn it on, download the free app and you are done!

Powerful Range of Features

Tempo has a range of features that makes it one of the most powerful environment monitors on the market today. From the ability to set the frequency of data recording to being able to individually re-calibrate the sensors should you so wish. With a long battery life and memory that can hold up to 30 days of hourly data, Tempo offers commercial level sophistication in a beautiful form and competitive price point.

Range of Features

Technical Specifications

Dimensions85 mm/3.3” long; 55 mm/2.16” wide; 35 mm/1.38 “ high
weight270 grams/9.5 ounces
Sensor accuracy+/- 0.3 C Degrees; 5% Relative Humidity; 3 Millbars Pressure
Range75 m/240’ line of sight typical, 3 - 11 m/10‘ - 36’ obstructed typical
batteries and battery life2 x AA replaceable - 12 months typical
environment limits- 25 C / -13 F to 75 C / 167 F Degrees; 5% - 95% Relative Humidity

iOS and Android Apps

Tempo comes with free apps for iOS and Android which have been designed to look good as well as being highly functional.

Please note that Blue Maestro has a number of different apps available on the App Store and Google Play. Also there is more than one Tempo app so please ensure you are downloading the latest version if you have a new Tempo. To find the latest apps, please click on the relevant links to the App Store or Google Play below.

Take a tour of the apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many users can connect to a Tempo?

A. There is no limited to the users that can read data from a Tempo providing they have the Tempo app

Q. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

A. Yes, please contact for bulk purchasing options

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a no quibble 6 month warranty. Just contact to return your device.

Q. How accurate are the sensors?

A. The factory calibration is:
Temperature +/- 0.3 C @ 25C
Humidity +/- 5% RH @55%RH
Pressure +/- 2 hPa @ 25C

Q. What if I still need more help?

A. Please send your request to our support team, who will be happy to assist you further. Send E-mail to