App Features

Powerful apps for iOS and Android to make monitoring and logging a breeze

Monitor multiple devices at once

View all of your devices at once. View their current readings and status such as battery level, log count and logging interval. There is no limit to how many devices you can monitor at once.

Download device logs quickly

Downloading a device's stored log is quick and easy and the app will timestamp data for you. Each download is stored as a separate file on your phone and can be viewed or exported as you wish.

Insightful data

When viewing a log you are presented with rich data, such as highs, lows and averages. You can quickly compare separate metrics at each log point. The meta for the download is also stored, such as download date, logging interval and any calibration offsets applied to the device.

Powerful graphing features

With the graphs you can choose the period to show at the push of a button. You can quickly scan through the graph's timeline. Each metric measured by the device is graphed both separately and on a combined graph for comparison purposes.

Easily export data

Quickly and easily export any log download by way of email at the touch of a button. This will send a .csv file with a unique filename directly from your smartphone to any email address you specify. The .csv file can then be imported into excel or archived for record keeping purposes.