Dry me a river

We developed custom hardware and firmware for GOGO Band for use with its nocturnal enuresis monitoring and prediction sysem.
Dry me a river

Moisture detection for nocturnal enuresis

We were contacted by GOGO Band who were looking for a small moisture detection device that could be used as part of a solution that would help prevent bed wetting by predicting when it would occur and alert the parents to intervene before it did. Over time this would reduce the incidences of bed wetting by helping to train the child.

The brief for the device was that it needed to be small, last at least 9 months on a single battery, be waterproof and communicate with GOGO Band's tablet which was running a proprietary app and was connceted to their backend.

The Blue Maestro team working closely with the GOGO Band team developing two lots of custom firmware that enabled the sensing of moisture that would immediately signal the GOGO Band tablet via Bluetooth allowing GOGO Band's software would kick in to generate alerts and add in the form of another data point to their AI algorithms for predictive purposes going forward

Durng the development we came up with a novel way of turning the device on when a user first unpacked the unit using moisture itself. This removed the need for a button and meant the unit could be turned on easily. In hand with this, we developed a method whereby the device could also be easily put back to sleep to preserve battery life should this be desired.

This is one of many projects we have done for start-ups. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you, get in touch.


Client testimonial

"Blue Maestro's expertise and technology was invaluable in helping us deliver our solution."

Jon Coble, CEO GOGO Band

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