Safeguarding UK's art treasures

Deployment of smartphone centric Bluetooth sensors and data loggers for monitoring paintings
Safeguarding UK's art treasures

We were contacted by the National Trust who were looking for a number of Bluetooth sensors that could be deployed with the art collection in Petworth House, UK. It transpired that a number of valuable pieces of art were becoming mouldy in storage and they were looking for a solution that could be placed behind the frames of the artwork and as a way of monitoring their environmental conditions so any signs of poor temperature and humidity could be dealt with early to prevent the onset of mould.

The National Trust was drawn to our products given their smartphone centric operation meaning staff could download temperature, humidity and dew point data with their smartphones for any particular artwork even when it was in wrapped up in storage making it otherwise difficult to inspect. The associated apps provide a very quick and intuitive way to download the data and view the historic log meaning staff could get up to speed quickly with how to use the solution.

As part of our service one of the Blue Maestro team visited the staff at Petworth House and gave them training on the app and features of the device and were able to provide guidance on the best method of mounting the device to ensure its signal strength was maximised.

This is one of many projects we have completed for the National Trust as well as other galleries, historic homes and museums around the world cementing our reputation for providing reliable, accurate, small and easy to use Bluetooth data loggers.


Client testimonial

"Blue Maestro provided an ideal solution and an excellent service"

Nicola Walker, National Trust Petworth House

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