Calibration Certificate

$65.00 USD

Calibration Certificate

SKU: cal-cert-001

$65.00 USD

Calibration Certificate usually takes 2-3 days to process.

Product description
  • Calibration certificate for the temperature accuracy of Blue Maestro Disc sensors and data loggers.
  • Each certificate is for up to 10 individual devices.

Calibration Certificate details

For many applications the accuracy of the temperature sensor and data logger being deployed can be crucial or even required by law or industry standards. Examples include medical and pharmaceutical use cases. We provide a calibration service whereby we test the wireless sensor's temperature accuracy in a controlled environment and certify its deviations in a Certificate of Calibration.

What is the process is adopted in issuing Certificate of Calibration?

We test the sensor against a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) certified thermometer and certify its accuracy noting any deviations from a UKAS reference thermometer at either two or three reference temperature points in a temperature controlled environment. Any Tempo Disc wireless sensor that fails to pass its accuracy specifications is either adjusted by way of calibration offset or is removed from the batch. We can test multiple sensors at the same time and each certificate can apply for up to 10 wireless sensors. Therefore the more sensors covered by the Certificate of Calibration, the more cost effective the certificate becomes. 

Period of certification

The Certificate of Calibration is issued for a one year period. After this the calibration testing ought to be carried out again due to the inherent drift present in all temperature chips. For any repeat calibration exercises, if a deviation is detected a calibration offset is applied and the device is retested. If the device fails a subsequent time it is removed from the batch and for a small fee we can replace it for one that does meet the accuracy test. This way you can be assured your sensors are always satisfying the accuracy standards required of them.

Why is calibration important?

As mentioned above, calibration certificates required in certain use cases. Outside of these use cases calibration is still important if you want confidence that your wireless temperature sensor is accurate. Blue Maestro uses high quality temperature sensors in all of its devices, and these have been calibrated by the chip manufacturer at the time the chips are fabricated. However all temperature chips can vary over time. Many lower quaility temperature sensors that are found on the internet have stated accuracies that bear no resemblance to their observed accuracies. As manufacturer, Blue Maestro is one of the few companies that is prepared to test and certify the accuracy of its devices.

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