We can assist you integrate our solutions or in developing your own

Custom development

Helping you develop the solution you need


Leverage our knowledge built from many years of succesfully completing dozens of projects for companies around the world.


Get practical and impartial advice along the way. A lot of problems can be avoided by getting the right advice upfront.


Use our hardware and modify it or design your own. Either way we can assist you with advice and project management.


Accelerate your project with our experience, expertise and efficiency saving you many months in a project timeline.


We can provide you a full stack service, from embedded to cloud. We have app, web and AWS developers.


Our skills, expertise and experience makes us ultimately cost effective for all or any part of your project.

Integration services

Providing you first class training and support integrating our solutions


We can provide on-site or virtual training on hardware, app and cloud features to get your team up and running quickly.


We can provide development support around our SDKs and APIs and assistance with any hardware issues.


We can come on-site and assist with installation and testing if required.

It all begins with a chat

Call us or drop us an email and we can take it from there. You might also want to check out some case studies