Case studies

Here is a selection of projects we have been involved in

Pictures on display looked after with Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor beacon and logging solutions

Safeguarding UK's art treasure

Our Bluetooth compatible sensors are being used to monitor the environmental conditions of some of UK's most valuable artwork.

A panda that is looked after with Bluetooth sensor beacon and logging solutions

Secret life of the zoo

Animals in the UK's Chester Zoo have their enclosures monitored using our Bluetooth compatible environmental monitoring devices.

Sushi that has its freshness monitoring utilizing Bluetooth sensor and logging technology

You had me at sushi

We provided Bluetooth compatible sensors and data loggers with custom firmware to a large Japenese conglomorate for use in the delivery of sushi.

Hospital surgery utilizing Bluetooth technology to monitor patients

Putting our heart in it

We provided custom Bluetooth compatible sensors and firmware for the monitoring of heart patients through a Netherlands hospital.

Kid in bed being monitored for bed wetting

Dry me a river

We provided custom Bluetooth compatible sensors and firmware to a U.S. start up that is providing a predictive bed wetting monitoring solution.

A rat which is being monitored utilizing Bluetooth motion sensing technology

A rodent's tail

We provided custom firmware and tailored hardware for an Australian company to monitor the presence of pests in ceiling and wall cavities.