Monitoring for animal welfare

Deployment of Bluetooth compatible sensors and data loggers in animal enclosures

We have done a number of deployments for zoos and animal enclosures around the world and one such exercise was with Chester Zoo in the UK, made even more well known through the popular TV show 'Secret Life of the Zoo'. They contacted us wanting a small for environmental monitor that was smartphone centric and could be placed in animal enclosures. The device had to be robust, small with a long battery life. We were pleased to provide them our Tempo Disc range of temperature, humidity, pressure and dew point loggers and they are now used throughout the zoo.

In additon to Chester Zoo we have performed deployments for Kew Gardens, Marwell Zoo in the United Kingdom, dog handling teams for various police forces in the U.S. as well as similar animal welfare deployments around the world.

If you have an animal welfare project in which you need a sensor and data logger, get in touch and let's see if we can help.

"We were happy with the connectivity and efficiency of the temperature and humidity capabilities. We are now testing how robust they are to hornbill abuse!"

Mark Vecoe, Deputy Curator of Birds, Chester Zoo