Transportation of sushi to restaraunts

Development of custom firmware and hardware for a Japenese conglomorate

We were contacted by a large Japanese conglomorate with offices around the world wanting to use our devices in a solution they were offering their clients to monitor the delivery of temperature sensitive food items, principally sushi, to restaurants in California

The Japanese client had been purchasing our devices off Amazon in the U.S. and Japan and trialling them without us knowing. When our devices met their high standards they approached us wanting to become a distributor in the U.S. and Asia.

As part of our work with them, we developed custom firmware that enabled the devices to be scanned in the background and generate alerts even when the phone was asleep. They also contracted us to develop a probe version that could be used in extremely low temperatures.

This was an early example of how our technological know-how could be applied in the development of a device that could easily integrate into a broader system.

"We chose Blue Maestro as a long term partner given its innovative product range, accelerated development time and open API"

Richard Koike, CEO Telecenty